We met by chance, two girls with a passion for design, from colleagues to now partners. Both of us have a fervor for fashion design and share a common interest in animated objects and characters. Hence, my friend and I developed our passion together and created these shirt designs.

Our creative inspiration

Fashion is not just about following the latest trends or adorning oneself with the newest labels. It's an expressive tool that reflects one's personality, mood, and even aspirations. When you innovate your look, you're not merely changing outfits, you're experimenting with your identity, exploring different facets of your persona, and boldly stepping into new versions of yourself.

Simple things for Joyful Hearts

With love for the simple things around us. They are the people who bring me joy after the pressure of work. I love this cuteness and comfortable feeling. And I also want you to relax and have fun with the things you love

We are careful in every stitch

Every stitch is carefully crafted and attended to by us, to create the most beautiful rendition of our customers' favorite characters. We value our customers' preferences, knowing that the more beautiful the representation, the happier the customer. The joy of our customers is our happiness


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